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MBS Festival
Sydney CBD
Int. Conf. Centre
Darling Harbour
24 - 27 May inclusive
10am to 7pm daily
Booth - C18

MBS Festival
Melbourne CBD
Convention Centre
8 - 11 June inclusive
10am to 7pm daily
Booth - C15

Mind, Body Spirit Festival, Sydney

psychic readings, mediumship readings, Gold Coast
Gary Psychic Medium   Gary Psychic Medium   Gary Psychic Medium

When doing a psychic reading regarding your own physical life, I use a combination of tools:

  • Channeling the Psychic Reading from my Higher Guides
  • Psychic Tarot
  • Crystal Ball Scrying
  • *Psychometry

*Psychometry is reading from a piece of well worn jewellery as it holds your own energy and vibration. This personal piece of jewellery is held in my left hand, which is the receiving hand for detailed information from my own High Level Spirit Guides. As I am channeling your reading you hand me the piece, which retains your own specific energy from wearing it for at least three days. (Not anything brand new or been recently cleaned, as their energy would not have had time to formulate)

The information is clear from Spirit, as I am fully focused and continually asking my Guides for detailed information to be given to my Higher Self from your Guides. I then convey the reading information which can include a series of events, colours and symbols I am aware of through my own Guides.

I also teach Psychometry as part of my Psychic Development Course.

A clear photo of you is used for Photo Reading and Pendulum Dowsing, if required for a specific answer to a specific question.

Psychic and Mediumship Readings are face to face only. I am precise, caring and straight to the point in all my psychic and mediumship readings.

Psychic Readings cover approximately 12 to 18 months.

psychic readings, Gold Coast, QLD

I start my Mediumship Readings by asking my main Message Guide to take me through a systematic procedure, supplying you with your loved one(s) name, employment, dress code, funny habits, interests in life, any illnesses and the reason they passed over.

The type of work or learning they are achieving in the Spirit World, and the relevant message for you during the mediumship reading. I do not require a photo for mediumship readings, I connect with the loved one directly from the Spirit world.

I also use:

  • Clairvoyance - Visionary - (Clear Seeing) - Pictures and Colours. My main Message Guide relates to the Gender, and if Mother, Father, Cousin, Grandmother etc.
  • Clairaudience - Hearing faint words and symbols, relating to the Spirit
  • Clairaugustine - Smells and taste. (perfumes, tobacco, flowers, food)
  • Clairsentience - Working with feelings as they come through from the loved one

I always do mediumship readings at my own stand at Festivals and Expos in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane; for stand number details please see the upcoming dates on the left.

I also read privately at home in Queensland.

"Gary quickly related the information he was receiving and was especially accurate with his description of myself and my family members. I found him to be compassionate and genuine and I walked away from my reading with a great, positive feeling about my future. Gary is definitely a gifted Clairvoyant and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is interested in receiving an accurate reading."
Leigh, NSW

psychic medium Gary, Queensland, Gold Coast, Mediumship "One of my clients kindly allowed me to record a private reading. I have included some of the footage in a video. To maintain my client’s right to privacy, I have replaced the audio with music."

psychic medium Gary, Queensland, Gold Coast, Mediumship Hear Gary speak about your experience with him
I use and explain a combination of techniques, such as:

"When I first saw Gary for a reading it immediately became apparent that he was a genuine medium/clairvoyant. He described my family and my mother and deceased father perfectly. He then progressed to make predictions regarding when we would move house (which month) and exactly what was blocking me from moving forward with my work. His predictions were subsequently proven accurate.

I would highly recommend seeing Gary to anyone that feels at a crossroads or just in need of deeper reflection on their direction in life. I assure you that you well be pleased that you have."
B King, QLD