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Meditation for beginners to advanced - One Day Course - Theory and Practical - Certificate Endorsed

In these Meditation Courses, students are taught the correct breathing method for meditation.

Perseverance is important together with consistency on a daily basis. This will always bring positive changes and the rewards are outstanding, particularly from the Spirit World, as we expand our Consciousness.

This Meditation Course includes visualisation methods to assist with Guide Connections, together with heightening your Vibration Level.
Through my Meditation course, you will improve sleep patterns, concentration, alertness, focus and attention to detail within your life. Stress levels will be reduced and you will experience better connections with your own Guides and Guardian Angels and the Higher Realms of the Spirit World.

This Meditation class is taught systematically, and will bring about a greater sense of well being and total relaxation, together with a much happier and productive inner life. Those who live in a meditative state have better health and further their Spiritual Growth.

Gary teaches Meditation on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

psychic medium Gary, Queensland, Gold Coast, Mediumship